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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Muhammad Danish Shafiq At Genius Aulad

Muhammad Danish Shafiq 6 Istanbul-Genius Aulad-2019
With friends in 6 Istanbul. Alhamdulillah Muhammad bangun pagi baik baik aje hari ni. Semalam sebelum tido dia nangis tak nak gi sekolah. Sebab tak selesa dengan environment kawan-kawan yang suka main sepak sepak. Walau tak sepak Muhammad, tapi Muhammad kata dia tak selesa. Hehe. Layan je la Muhammad. Nama pun lelaki. Wajib la ada aksi lawan-lawan kan.

Muhammad Danish Shafiq-Genius Aulad 2019-6 istanbul
Happy dia, balik sekolah bawa balik cupcake hasil tangan kat sekolah tadi.

lazy 8 tips

Hari ni Muhammad buat Lazy's 8 nama dia.

Apa tu Lazy 8?
Ni sal copy dari Telegram group yang ticer Genius Aulad kongsikan.

Dear parents,

We would like to share with you about lazy 8. We practice this at school. You may want to do it at home too.

Lazy 8’s are used in Brain Gym to help your child:
  • think more clearly
  • relax and calm
  • improve hand-eye co-ordination
  • improve visual tracking (moving you eyes and not your head to see something)
  • increase attention span
  • increase writing flow and speed
  • balance emotions
  • improves memory
  • improve cross laterality (crossing the midline of the body, your belly button, connects the right and left hemisphere)
  • to develop hand dominance (being right or left handed)
This activity is especially useful and beneficial  for children with Dyslexia, ADD, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay or a Sensory Processing disorders.
How to:
You are basically writing the number 8 on it’s side. That’s why it’s lazy .
Start with a large sheet of white paper ( A3 would be best) or a white board in a landscape position.
Place it in front of you so that the middle of your page is parallel to the middle of your body, your belly button.(You want to be crossing over your belly button to get to to the left and right of your page as you draw)
The aim is to keep your hand steady and let your eyes follow what you are doing.
I have included arrows as directional aids. You will not be drawing the arrows, just the curved shape 😉

  • start with your marker in the middle of your page
  • Move your marker  down, up and around to make a “c” like shape

  • Continue  moving down until you intersect with your start point and keep going.
  • Continue to move down, up and around to make a backwards “c”

  • Your marker should now be in the middle of your page, at your starting point.
  • That’s your Lazy 8!

  • Now keep tracing around your shape, without taking your marker from the page.
  • Continue for about 1 min, until it is a fluid movement.
Tape down the edges of your sheet if it keeps moving. 
The bigger the paper the better as it forces you to cross further over your midline.
You can always draw a Lazy 8 for your child to trace over if they find it difficult. Just make sure that they start at your start point and continue in the correct direction.
As you can see Lazy 8’s have lots of benefits for your child. It can be very useful to do some Brain Gym activities before starting homework. It calms, and focuses the mind.
Have fun 🙂
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