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Monday, July 27, 2015

Kisah Benar Dari BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR yang menggunakan Premium Beautiful

Sharing dari kak soraya...

"I am myself a cancer survivor ...I want to share how it feels because when you are fighting between life and death you want to hear benda2 yg 'sahih' - genuine, authentic, sound. Proven things and not be hoodwinked by crack remedies. Sebab dlm market ada mcm2 claim tentang rawatan cancer e.g Kangen Water, Transfer Factor, reverse osmosis, tukang urut cancer, rawatan ghaib etc etc etc 
 Semua ni akan datang bila you sakit, so who to believe?
To be honest, I know my health has been enhanced through the PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL.
I started using the PB Corset 1.5 years after I had surgery, chemo, radiotheraphy. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Yang paling ketara, during a follow up mammogram the radiologist commented that my breast skin n scar nampak bersih/cantik tak macam dulu. The scar used to be hard n the skin hitam and dry due to 35 radiotheraphy sessions. Skin tu dulu mcm terbakar. Selepas pakai PB ia bertukar, probably because the FIR concentrated at the lace stitching yg ada di cup area.

Also, because cancer cells thrive in and love cold bodies, I believe wearing the PB helps as it helps to regulate our body temperature through the FIR. So keeping your body temperature up is vital in fighting/preventing Cancer and a fact that many do not know.

Cancer cells also grow in Oxygen free environments, sebab tu exercise is important. So even when I run or go to the gym I use my PB sebab the FIR enhances blood circulation, thus increasing oxygen levels. Cancer cells don't like this! " 

Kak Soraya bersama dua dari empat orang anaknya.

With kak Soraya yang sangat kuat semangat orang nye. Masa ni bercuti sama-sama di Gold Coast Australia.

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