Thanks For Your Support

Monday, April 20, 2015

Thank you Saf...
"In this business, these two ladies inspired me a lot..kalau you all tanya kenapa Saf yakin sangat dengan bisnes yang Saf buat answer will be because of these two ladies...

Both of them dah buktikan yang sesiapa pun boleh berjaya asalkan buat perkara yang betul dan follow petua kejayaan dari mentor bulat-bulat, supaya hasil yang akan kita dapat pun sebijik macam apa yang mentor kita dah dapat

When I looked at them, I can see my future..they have proved that my dreams can be real and achievable! Honestly I can't wait for my turn to experience what they have had! 

Thank you Allah for the opportunity given to know these two ladies...I believe this is how you answered to my pray all this while  

To CDMSalha Mohd Zain Zain and my beloved mentor CDMSalleha Roslanoslan , thank you so much for your trust, guidance and endless support to me and my team 

We follow you 500%!  "