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Monday, August 6, 2012

Premium Beautiful next top model contest 2012

 Wowwww... this is the biggest news ever!!!! great offer for you beautiful ladies and gentlement. sila click video ni dulu.....dengar explanation from our great mentor salha zain

macam mana? menarik kan? pada uols yang memang suka sangat untuk berphotoshoot ni lah peluang nye...dan untuk uols yang agak malu-malu untuk bergambar tu jangan risau...sebab once uols dapat sentuhan dari photographer terkenal seperti annaseaskey
ni sure uols akan terus jadi photogenik gitu ;)

HOW TO WIN the contest :

1) Open to EVERYBODY yang berumur 18 tahun ke atas. 

2) Just Share about Premium Beautiful to your friends and family and set as many Free Trial Fitting Session with me and my team.

3) Winner will be those who get 10 Premium Beautiful SOLD!

4) Closing Date: 31 August 2012

uols boleh tengok antara gambar-gambar menarik  hasil sentuhan annaseaskey and u can click the link yang ada di sini..i sendiri tengok rasa macam nak pengsan...subhanallah...cantik sangat semua nye!!! 


 my mentor salha zain...
hasil sentuhan AnnasEaskey Photography 

So don't wait ok beautiful readers.... Talk about Premium Beautiful to your friends and family and then set an appointment with us and we will accomodate any questions or free fittings for them. 
It's that EASY! 

start to LIKE, SHARE and RE-POST this entry NOW!!!

contact me now
salleha roslan 
 011-1631 1641
012-3609814 / 257D41EB

you can also contact my business partners

012-637 4069 / 29BC90EC

anis roslan
010-269 6501

scha osman
018-366 5395

ieda rani
013-619 1955 

marlisa ineles
016-417 8437



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