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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tourmaline in Premium Beautiful


hi beautiful readers ;)

oh dear....

One of the most popular question people asked me on Premium Beautiful would be

"Why is your corset expensive?"

"i pun ade je pakai corset tapi x lah semahal yang u pakai!!!"

"apa yang best sangat premium beautiful ni sampai harga ribu  riban???"

Well, i've answers to that questions!

Did you know that each and every thread within the corset are embedded with crystals?


TOURMALINE is a gemstone that emits Far Infra-Red into our body.

11 Benefits of Tourmaline
  1. Detoxification
  2. Helps aid fat loss
  3. Reduces water retention
  4. Improves blood circulation
  5. Expels unnecessary waste
  6. Helps cleanse the liver and kidneys
  7. Helps heal skin disorders
  8. Reduction in emotional maladies such as anxiety and depression
  9. Relief from acute and chronic illnesses
  10. Aids in elimination of heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material from our bodies
  11. Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids

More facts on Tourmaline

The far infrared rays that Tourmaline emits create the same resonance in the body as is normally found in water. This has a very soothing effect on the nerves. Three-quarters of the human body is composed of water, this form of resonance absorption creates increased vitality in living tissues, enhancing energy levels and increases metabolism.

This gem has been reported to actually have the power to boost sexual energy in men, as it increases the blood flow and circulation in the body. The gemstone is also reported as helping to ease emotions, increasing vitality and vigor in both men and women.

Jadi, seluruh tubuh setiap wanita memakainya akan memperolehi khasiat dari Tourmaline..


Bila kita pakai Premium Beautiful,tubuh kita bagaikan disaluti kristal! wahhhh...subhanallah.


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